Comordo supports media companies to improve and accelerate their churn reduction through increased customer engagement and customer retention.

With intelligent, relevant and personalized content recommendations integrated in apps, web-sites, newsletter and social media we help you build long term loyalty with your digitalized customers.

In order to build long term loyalty Comordo addresses 3 important personalized metrics to help you engage and retain your customers:

Precision Increases Relevance

Mathematical relevance matters

Personalized content increases relevance for the user up to 8 times.

Precision Increases Discovery

Loyal customers consume more

Relevant content broadens perspectives and doubles the discovery rate up to 2 times.

Precision Increases Engagement

Right offer to right customer

Right and relevant content creates engaged users that consume up to 4 times more.

Based on customer behavior and applied AI and data science from Comordo. Media companies can now personalize, optimize and customize your marketing mix in the channels and platforms where you want to meet your customers.

With Comordo you get actionable and predictable insight needed to reduce your customer churn. But also insights on how to optimize and customize your offering, content and platforms in data driven ways.