About us

Comordo was founded in autumn 2014 by the mathematician Niklas Ekvall with the vision to change the way companies are working about loyalty and help them improve customer experience throughout AI and data driven mathematical precision.

Comordo is based in Linköping and is sprung from Linköping University. Today we are located in Mjärdevi Science Park. By 2016 Comordo launched its first application and during 2017 Comordo got backed by private investors, ALMI Invest and LiU Invest.

“Comordo” is a combination of the Latin words “commendo” and “ordo”. Commendo means trust and ordo means rank. 

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is to globaly help companies monetize the true value of their content in a new digitalized world. To achieve this we focus on providing technologies and processes that: