How to succeed implementing personal Radio and TV

The challenges are many when broadcasters and TV/Radio service providers fight for visibility as well as consumers favour and loyalty.

We found some interesting statistics from digital music news, showing how American users have changed their media consumption patterns just over the past couple of years.

Over 60 000 consumers were asked how they consume media and during a day: More than 50% answered that they do parts of their consumption via smart TV. 86% does some via social media. 90% some through their smart phone.60% via streaming audio services. More than 20% are using pod casts and more than 90% uses traditional TV/Radio. All mixed during the day and fitting for the situation.

With that huge diversity in place the following factors become important to succeed with an attractive and user friendly Radio or TV service:

Factor 1: Are you able to support a consumer centric approach, to meet your consumers wherever they are in this diverse landscape?

Factor 2: Are you truly relevant providing the right content in the right formats for situation and device?

Factor 3: Does the public trust you with their data?

Factor 4: Do you turn consumer choices into new possibilities?

All 4 factors is important in different ways to keep the consumers loyal, engaged and explorative to your service in this big diversity of media, platforms and devices.

F1: Are you able to support a consumer centric approach?

Personalized services change the typical approach many services traditionally have, going from channel, media and content centric, to truly consumer centric. As consumers we are often interested on a per topic level and consuming this on our TV/Smart phone/Tablets we want it presented with relevance to that consuming device. We don’t care if the media differs – we want it cross-media combining written articles, audio and video whenever appropriate.

Therefore, make sure you’re able to mix all your different types of content in one seamless UX towards the consumer and provide cross-media search and recommendations – thereby serving the consumer centric approach. 

F2: Are you truly relevant?

To ensure trust and willingness to adopt the personal experience, I as a consumer need to feel relevance in the big picture presented, that you understand me and not just your content.

Understanding the consumer and adopting to the consumer behavior is key to be able to meet all individuals with a service that is relevant as well as encouraging to additional consumption through adventurous discovery.

F3: Does the public trust you with their data?

Trust is a big issue these days and to create personalized Radio and TV, trust between the enterprise and the consumer is needed.

To establish and maintain this trust, transparency in the use of the consumer data is required, why it is important that you select a solution for consumer behavior insights, search and recommendations allowing for openness and transparency both in use of data and integration with your legacy delivery systems.

F4: Do you turn consumer choices into new possibilities?

Every search and selected content is a new start page, with possibilities to recommend and engage in new relevant combinations of activities and content.

Make sure your service is personalized and provide relevance every step of the way of the consumers journey through your service.

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