Swedish Radio test the Comordo recommendation system in the SR Play app

Do you, like millions of others listen to the SR Play app? In that case you probably get recommendations from the smart and personalized algorithms from Comordo.

Swedish Radio wants to be on the platforms the audience uses. At the same time, the listener may get lost in the massive amounts of content on these platforms. Therefore, Swedish Radio make trials with personalization, using the Comordo recommendation system as a test engine. The result has been increased and broadened listening.

Henrik Tornberg at Swedish Radio says they chose Comordo because it is a Swedish start-up sprung from the university environment allowing Swedish Radio to have a close dialogue with those who created the product and service.

Niklas Ekvall, founder and CEO of Comordo, is pleased and proud to have Swedish Radio as a customer. “Swedish Radio is a very important reference customer for us. We team up around the mathematical intelligence of our algorithms combined with their demands, and develop and personalize the future of radio on demand”, he says.

About Comordo:

Comordo was founded in 2014 by the mathematician Niklas Ekvall, with the vision to change the way on-demand services build user loyalty and user engagement. This eventually changing the way we all consume.

About Swedish Radio:

Swedish Radio is a free and independent radio with the purpose to make all types of qualitative programs. Every day nearly five million users listen to Swedish Radio.

For more information contact:

Niklas Ekvall, CEO and Founder, Comordo Technolgies AB

Email: niklas.ekvall@comordo.com

Phone: +46 70-288 17 76