UR Play increases viewing with Comordos recommendation system

Comordos recommendation system is now integrated in UR Play. Users click 125% more on recommendations of related programs. 53% of the media consumers look longer at the recommended programs.

The recommendation service is now in place in UR Play at Utbildningsradion. Recommendations are part of a personalized way to meet the new and recurring users. It is more or less a hygienic factor for streaming services, says Moa Rönnåsen, who is product owner at UR.

– Comordos recommendation system has yielded results. Tests show that the click through rate on recommended programs increased by 125%. The use of recommended programs increased 53% during 2018.  Related program recommendations showed the most positive effect. A carousel with personal tips on the start page also converts well, says Moa Rönnåsen.

Niklas Ekvall, founder and CEO of Comordo, is happy and proud to have Utbildningsradion as a customer. Utbildningsradion is an important reference customer for us. Our recommendations quickly made a difference as we increased the commitment on the program side by 47%.

Moa Rönnåsen says that the collaboration with Comordo has worked well, -There is a good thinking and great knowledge of recommendation systems and how these can be used”

About Comordo:

Comordo was founded in 2014 by the mathematician Niklas Ekvall, with the vision to change the way on-demand services build user loyalty and user engagement. This eventually changing the way we all consume.

About Sveriges Utbildningsradio:

Sveriges Utbildningsradio is an advertising-free and independent ground for radio and television programs for those who want to understand the world. 92% of the content is mobile and they have approximately 200 000 unique visitors per month, of which UR Play has 60 000 Visitors a month.

For more information contact:

Niklas Ekvall, CEO & Founder, Comordo Technologies AB

Email: niklas.ekvall@comordo.com

Tel: + 46 70-288 17 76