Insight Recommender

Predict customer behavior through Comordos’ insight recommendations of your applications. Our intelligent statistical algorithms will help you to predict customer churn, customer lifetime value (CLV) and average revenue per user (ARPU). By optimizing customer behavior you will reduce your customer churn that will improve your profits and revenue.

Comordos’ insight engine is based on smart analytics and visualization so you can understand the recommendation impacts, individual or group behavior and early signs of churn, as well as human controlled strategies for in-service marketing or advertisement and for social media marketing.

Our data science and AI-platform analyze customer behavior and product metadata through machine learning, statistical modelling, clustering, advanced mathematics such as optimization and matrix factorizations. Customer behavior can be data collection such as consumption, favorites, viewings, showed and ignored recommendations, clicks and ratings. Recommendations that our platform produce is formatted and reached by you through our simple and flexible REST API. The insights is also formatted into a reports together with customer IDs so that your marketing managers and business developers can use these insights for new business opportunities.

Insight Recommender is well suitable for the media industry with content such as news, e- and audio books, film and television, music, pod casts, magazines and radio.